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Kaz's Favorite Things

Updated: Jun 26

I have used a lot of tools and materials in my time, so I've made a list of my favorite things and where to find them. Hope this will help you find what you're looking for! Amazon links are affiliate.

Clay and Sculpting

The Monster Makers Clay - Hands down my favorite sculpting clay. It's an oil wax hybrid clay, you can melt it down to a liquid and pour it into molds, but when cool it can be carved more like wax. It doesn't leave near as much residue on hands and surfaces that oil clays leave. I use medium hardness for everything

Stainless Steel Wax carving dental tools - very effective tools, I do most my sculpting with these

Scaled Sculpting Armatures - Shamless plug for my own shop, but the reason I sell these is because they are invaluable tools in my process. I use these all the time for idea or even taking a pattern from.

Drawing and Planning

Confidant Hardcover Notebook by Baronfig - (I like the plus size) is my absolute favorite sketchbook I've ever had. nice smooth paper, a sturdy cover, and the pages open and stay flat. Get $10 off using this link.

More coming soon

Fabrics and Sewing

Coming soon

Faux Fur Fabrics

Coming soon


Coming soon

Molding and Casting

Coming soon

Recording Equipment

Neewer CM28 Wireless Lavalier Mic - I have been so happy with the quality and ease of use of these lav mics. The freedom of movement with the wireless has been amazing after upgrading to a wired one

NEEWER ST3 C Clamp Webcam Stand Camera Mount - This has been a huge upgrade and has helped me eliminate so much stress with mounting my camera. the arm is strong and holds steady and I can get the camera exactly where I want it without worrying about it falling over.

K&F concept tripod - Again, a solid tripod to mount my camera on and not worry about it falling over. I love the build quality and it packs down quite small.

More coming soon


Coming soon

Wefting and Latch Hooking

Kanekalon Jumbo Braiding hair -Huge variety of colors and a great texture. The heat level is perfect for my latch hooking technique as the fibers in the knot can be melted together for a very secure attachment.

Clover Mini Iron - This little iron is so helpful for setting knots! There is now a Second Version that has alternate tips that would even be more helpful

More coming soon

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