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Building a Gryphon and Fox Fursuit *Continuous updates*

Updated: Jun 15

version 2.0

Gryphon fursuit holding the muzzle of a blue fox fursuit
Original Frostee and Kazul

Jan 1, 2022 (start): Can you believe both these suits are over 10 years old? I think it's time they had an update. I did not make Frostee, my husband's blue fox, but it was the first fursuit I'd seen in person and I learned a lot from studying him. I took a lot of cues from it when making Kazul, my gryphon, so that they would look like they belonged together. I am into serious planning to finally make a new version of both characters this year. I'm working on making a unique style to me and my artwork. I really loved getting to go to Anthro Northwest 2021 after so long of going to no con. It really revitalized my love for the creativity and passion in the furry fandom. This is where my artistic career really started to grow and where I met the love of my life, so it really does hold a special place in my heart. It has been so long since I've made a suit character for myself that isn't a cosplay or competition piece, and I really got motivated and inspired to do just that at ANW. I've decided that this year I want to work on projects that will invigorate my creativity. I think I've been in partial/full burnout for many years and I don't want to live with so much stress anymore. I feel like I've lost a spark and I want to regain that. I am in the process of beautifying and moving my workroom to a better place for how I work, I think it'll be really nice when it's done. I have been working on myself and reducing stress in a lot of areas of my life. I've been meditating and really feel like I'm moving in a good direction and I'm going to keep doing that. So yes, I'm not going to kill myself with goals for the new year, not going to push myself and my business to grow, just focusing on the thing that got me here to start with: being creative and having fun! and I think I'll surprise myself with how much I can do. So happy new years everyone! Remember to embrace your inner beast!

Jan17, 2022: Here is the concept art and finished body concept sculpt for Kazul. I'm really happy with the direction. The things I set as my priority is that I really want BIG wings and I want to be on the animal side of the anthro sliding scale. What I mean by that is doing more cartoon animal proportions. The best examples I can think of are Disney's Robin Hood or Zootopia. The things that stand out to me is this style is the elongated torso and plantigrade, but still animal, feet. I also didn't mind placing the vision ports NOT in the eyes. This will give me some flexibility with the expression and overall proportions. I've done vision out of the mouth on many other cosplays, and I actually love it. The Sculpture done on my Female body figure for sale in my Etsy shop

Feb 1, 2022: Here is the concept art and finished body sculpt for Frostee. His chest isn't as deep (he doesn't have massive wings to flap!) but I really want to make his tail like this Nick Wilde mascot

April 9th, 2022: Some time has past, I was working on moving my Lair(workshop) to a new location. But one thing really holding me back from starting was that I didn't have a Dummy to build Kaz on. We also tried to wait until we could get friends over to help us, but plans kept falling through. So we finally worked on it with just the two of us. you can see how we did it here:

My husband already has a nice one that I made a few years ago. So with two mannequins done, I can start building the body suits!

Aug 30th, 2022: I've completed the wing base for Kazul.

September 2, 2022 I made a video detailing how I made the wing harness.

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