Live you best life by becoming that Raptor you've always wanted to be! This is perfect for a halloween mask, cosplay and/or fun decoration. This base pattern will help you on your creative journey. I based my design around a Utah Raptor, or what is seen as a Velociraptor in Jurassic Park. I hope you enjoy and would love to see what you all do with this base!


You may sell finished products made with this base pattern, just add a credit to me and where you got the pattern! Please to not sell unfinished bases, or resell or distribute the pattern itself.


Materials Needed: (amazon links are associate links)

Printed pattern: 6mm foam:

A ball point pen or sharpie

A utility blade:

Contact cement:

The BEST hot glue gun:

1" Elastic


Video tutorial to assemble here:

Raptor Mask Pattern